The Metrix Open Hardware Lab at Metrix Create:Space is proud to present our first product, manufactured entirely in-house, the Brainwave 1.0. A complete electronics package for driving 3D printers.

The Brainwave was fully conceived, fabbed, assembled and tested in the Pacific Northwest.

About Metrix

Metrix Communication LLC started in 2004. Our mission was simple, to provide our customers with an open platform to hack and build on. We were Community Wireless Network activists and FreeNetworkers, and we focused on democratizing bits. We built gear, we climbed on roofs, we taught others and did our part to make a free Internet.

In 2009. we opened Metrix Create:Space, a place for people to hack, make, build and create nearly anything. Our focus had shifted from work towards a shared virtual space to making a third place to collaborate on building our shared future.

It is now 2013 and we are re-launching our store. Rather than a simple place to buy commodity hardware, it is now an online store of Open Source Hardware and physical products created by the community that we have fostered.

Our first offering is the Brainwave 1.0. A simple, yet advanced affordable reprap 3D printer controller, that was conceived, fabricated, assembled and tested in the Pacific Northwest.

The mission for us is still simple. A simple business, supplying creative people with the tools to make things. We've just shifted our focus from bits to atoms, and the people that hold them together.

Thank you for your support

Matt Westervelt,
Metrix Communication LLC
Metrix Create:Space
Metrix.NET Open Hardware Lab

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